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Bali's handmade pots


Handmade & individually decorated earthenware and stoneware pots by Bali Edwards

Robin and daisies

I was first introduced to pottery at an evening class in 2004. I loved it so much that I decided to carry on and share my enthusiasm with others. I've been painting since childhood and ceramics gave me another challenging and very tactile canvas to paint on.

I make individually decorated stoneware and earthenware pieces for the home as well as exhibition. The decorations and illustrations on my work are theme based and I hope they will give you as much pleasure as they have given me in creating them.

Gallery 1 - covers nature theme and includes colours of rainbow, trees and flowers in different seasons

Gallery 2 - is wildlife theme: animals and birds such as elephants, horses, peacocks and kingfishers inspired me to create these illustrations.

Gallery 3 - contains geometric theme. Even though the geometric patterns are generated from simple forms such as the circle and the square and combining them with vibrant colours, wildlife and objects of nature creates very eye catching designs.

All glazes I use on my pottery are food safe. Items marked as "NOT AVAILABLE" can be ordered on commision. All my pots are handmade and hand glazed, as a result it is not possible to create an exact copy but I'll try to make them as close to the original item as possible. This process can take from 8 to 12 weeks.

Click on any thumbnails shown in 3 Galleries to see full image and three different views of the same product.

Link to my page on Surrey Artists Open Studios

My Work can be seen at :

Cafe at Court Farm Garden Centre, Old Kingston Road, Worcester Park, Surrey KT4 7QH



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